Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hunting Ghosts

Ok,this one is really easy.I am going to paint this guy from Lord of the Rings in ghost colors.First things first,we need the model.

Then I prime it white.For the ghostly appearance the details of the miniature are extremely important.Therefore,we cannot afford losing any of the them with ultra-super thick paint of the primer spray,so I'll prime it by hand.Use very thinned paint to avoid filling the recesses and destroying the details.You will probably need 2 or 3 layers of thinned paint to achieve total coverage.

 Now wash the entire miniature with Dark Angels Ink or the new Citadel dark green wash(Thraka green?).

(Don't mind the uncovered spear edge.I used it to hold the miniature still.)
The next step is drybrushing.I would go for two light drybrushes,in order to have better control on the paint,but you can make a good-ol' heavy drybrush to quicken this up.In general,the drybrushing volume is up to your personal taste.I am happy with this result.

And that's it.
Now for the choice of colors.I first thought that green would be a great outwordly color that would give the miniature the desired "creepy" style.I noticed though that it got too outwordly for a ghost.I think it works better on necromantic magic energy or necrotic stuff(swords,vehicles,altars...).For ghosts i think Asurmen Blue is great.A light greyish color with a blue accent to show the undead nature of the ghost.Here is the result:
That's all folks.

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