Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tying Ropes

This tutorial will not actually come in handy to most of the people reading this (ropes...who uses them anyway?),but you may use it for terrain -not only for Fantasy but also for 40k terrain- or spice up the unreliable warmachines of the Old World.

What you ll need :

  • Green stuff
  • Exakto knife or other sculpting tools
  • a small thread ("small" depends on the length of the desired rope)
Now I take a small amount of green stuff because I dont't need a really large rope.If you use green stuff like mine (yellow and blue lanes), you need to remove the small part they touch each other because it's already cured.Mix it as normal.

Time to remember your childhood now(that sweet years in kindergarden when you used to play with PlayDoh  and scatter your pencils all over the place.You will only need the PlayDoh part though).Take the green stuff and roll it on a flat surface slowly and evenly till you get a fat spagetti -no.4.It's ok to make it thinner than that,but you must be very gentle with it or it will start falling apart from its own weight.

Now I bend it softly in the middle and I join the edges together.At this stage it should look like a noose.I place the thread across the noose and between the joined edges.

This is the tricky part.It's very important to be gentle and soft with your moves.Hold the two edges and the thread together as you carefully twist the rest of the noose.You may find it more comfortable to twist the edges and hold the rest of the noose still,it's up to you.
 End produkt:
That's it.Let's place it on the mini.It is strongly recommended to make all the convertions BEFORE you prime the miniature,but ok...

You can stop at this point.I wanted some knots for my rope so that it looks like a rope ladder of some sort.For the knotts I took short pieces of "green-stuff-spagetti" (a little thinner as the one used for the rope) and make a small knot-like ball on the desired position.

They look a little different one from another but that's logic for a skaven rope-ladder (also practise makes perfect).

That's all,folks.

P.S. There is no spermatozoon in the last picture.Just green stuff leftovers...

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